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todays sports betting lines
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this is the second order l buy this company ,quality is very good ,same as europure quality .we will go on ccooperate with this company .

—— Andrew Greg - Turkey

200 ton Stainless steel sheet is arrived on 10th Oct 2014 , the quality is very good.,deliver time is very fast It's very lucky we find this factory

—— Mechile Kilar Chard - Brazial

We Have Cooperate With this Factory Many Years , Everything Goes Very Well.l Like This Factory !

—— Tony Hilton - Poland

This is Our Thrid Time Buy from Mittel,Quality is Very Goods ,We Are Glad to Find This Reliable Factory

—— Natalya Ugay-Russia

Quality is very good and delivery time very fast ,we want to do long terms business with this company

—— Pongpol Pluemsati-Thailand

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  • Production Line

    JIANGSU MITTEL INDUSTRIAL LIMITED can supply standard & unstandard products as clients required. Our service include :


    • Produce standard size and unstandard size products as clients required.
    • Cutting our products into any size by waterjet cutting, sawing cutting , laser cutting.etc
    • We can provide other process service like bending, welding . heat treatment.
    • With fast and short deliver time in prepare the material
    • Products service of logo / mark / packings is available for us.
    • Famous manufacturer in China, with best quality in ODM / OEM.



    加工范围 参 数 备注
    宽度范围 12-2150mm






    厚度范围 0.1-14.00mm
    分条精度 ±0.5mm
    现有设备数量 16台


    精密裁剪平台纵剪设备现有16台,分别从意大利、台湾等国家或地区引进。最大上卷重量32T,支持卷内径508mm~610mm 。具备附纸、附膜功能。具有加工精度高、消除原材料应用、板面无划伤保护等优势功能。

    todays sports betting lines

    todays sports betting lines


    todays sports betting lines






    加工范围 参 数 备 注
    宽度范围 100-2150mm






    规格 3.0~25.4*2200mm

    10mm厚时,最大加工屈服强度1200MPa;25.4mm厚时,最大屈服强度600MPa (2013年3月投产)

    长度范围 300-150000mm
    厚度范围 0.2-25.4mm
    现有设备数量 23台





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    todays sports betting linestodays sports betting lines


    todays sports betting lines





    激光切割 1.0-20mm 12





    todays sports betting linestodays sports betting linestodays sports betting lines


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    our Email is [email protected] 

    todays sports betting lines

  • R&D

    Research And Development - R&D

    our stainless steel sheet and coil is from TISCO ,Biggest stainless steel mill in china 

    Advanced Process Technology

    Knowhow for advanced ferritic stainless steel
    Ferritic stainless steel, featured with low or no content of nickel, is an energy-effective material with low heat expansion factor, good heat conductivity and excellent stress corrosion resistance. It is used as a substitute for austenitic stainless steel and carbon steel in many applications. TISCO leads the China’s steel industry in the development of 5 series ferritic stainless steel, which covers more than 30 grades, and globally widest cold rolled ferritic stainless steel strip. The company has successfully developed plenty of such products for various applications, including railway transportation, vehicle, coinage, white goods and some other important sectors, to meet different demands in markets.

    Knowhow for N based stainless steel
    Nitrogen contained stainless steel is well-known for its high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. In terms of reducing cost, it has been a significant trend to use Nitrogen as a substitute for expensive metal Nickel in stainless steel. The Nitrogen based stainless steel produced by TISCO covers a lot of product types, e.g. plate, cold rolled coil, wire rod, billet and seamless pipe, rebar, and etc., which have been widely used in water conservancy, salinization, oil, ship building, bridge, railway, nuclear, national defense and military projects.

    Stainless steel slag processing technology --- dry method
    TISCO independently developed a clean treatment and energy recovery technology to reuse the stainless steel slag, which is difficult to treat due to its strong glutinosity, weak magnetisms and likeliness to disperse during cooling. The development and application of this technology resolve the pollution problem of waste slag, a bottleneck having constrained stainless steel industry for a long time. Compared with wet treatment method, the dry method significantly reduces water consumption per ton slag from 1.0 ton to 0.4 ton. It stands as a reliable reference for China steel industry to the treatment and reutilization of stainless steel slag.
    High-end Products

    Steel for Nuclear Use
    TISCO, the only producer who is able to produce nuclear reactor internals in China, has become a predominant supplier for key parts of nuclear machinery of the country. The company leads the industry in 2014 by being the only domestic supplier for stainless steel for reactor internals to third generation nuclear power CAP1000 project and the CAP1400 project, which China holds the independent intellectual property right of, as well as stainless steel clad plate for safety injection tank, and 2101 duplex stainless steel for water tank cover panel.

    Seamless stainless steel pipe for power station boiler
    The boiler pipe products successfully developed by TISCO, i.e. TP347HFG, TP310S and Inconel alloy, have been approved and accepted by China Standardization Committee on Boilers and Pressure Vessels, China Machinery Industry Federation, and the three predominant boiler producers in China. These products have been commercialized and supplied to the market to partially replace imported products. The company also for the first time in China successfully trial manufactured two types of 700℃ extra super critical boiler pipe, the 740H/617B high grade nickel based seamless pipes with small diameter.

    Steel for high-end drilling collar
    TISCO has independently developed non-magnetic drilling collar steel, manufactured the material into a series of products and put them into application before any other steel players in China. By overcoming the obstacles of bad heat processability, TISCO has lead the China steel industry in the stable production of non-magnetic drilling collar steel with super high N content (6,000ppm), which contributes to the material high strength, low magnetic permeability, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance. This kind of material used to be imported from overseas.

    Stainless steel rebar for the trans-ocean bridge
    As an important part of national ocean economy strategy, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is designed to a lifetime of 120 years, a total length of 50km, the trans-ocean part length of 35 km, and anti-seismic grade of 8. To reach such a design expectation, rebar used in the construction of the bridge is highly required in terms of mechanical properties and anti-corrosion resistance. TISCO was honorably selected among all the bidders for duplex stainless steel rebar and completed in-time the delivery of more than 10,000 tones of products with good quality.

    Ferritic heat resistant steel
    Due to its anti-oxidization property in high temperature, the ferritic heat resistant steel is mainly used in environment with high temperature, like boiler and power station. As a pioneer in the development of this material, TISCO conducted a big number of experiments and tests before it made success in the trial of 5mm plate and became the first producer of this material.
    Achievements in Technology and Science Field

    During the “twelfth five-year strategy period”, TISCO was totally granted 58 awards in technology and science achievements of provincial or above level. Specifically, the “knowhow of advanced ferritic stainless steel and development of series products” , “the development and innovation of stainless steel process with hot metal as raw material” and other 4 achievements were awarded National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology; “beneficiation process for fine red magnetite and the configuration of 22 million ton/a beneficiation equipment” and other 25 achievements were awarded Metallurgical Science and Technology Prize; “Aluminum Alloy C80 and Stainless Steel C80B Heavy Load Coal Open Wagons for Datong-Qinhuangdao Line” was awarded the China Railway Science and Technology Prize; “development and application of thick X80 coil for Gas Transmission Project from West to East Phase II” and other 24 achievements were granted the Shanxi Provincial Science and Technology Prizes.


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